For many years Positech offers its expertise in the telecommunication areas, both in civil and military applications, taking care of the different phases of the life cycle of a product: system specifications definition, SW/HW/FW development, Functional and Integration Test planning and execution, application tests.

The strength of Positech technicians in this area is the variety of programming languages and communication protocols known, as well as the experience gained by them in the following activities:

  • Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Radar Systems
  • HW/FW Development and Functional Tests for Radio links, Modem, Routers, STB
  • Algorithms Simulation and implementation for digital demodulation blocks
  • Digital circuits Development and implementation with FPGA, DSP, Micro, and RF/IF analog circuits
  • Software Development for implementation of communication protocols for design and configuration of HMI devices
  • High-level software Development for managing and monitoring the performance of communication networks
  • Development, Integration and Test of telemetry systems and datalink in the radar applications area and Unmanned Aerial Systems